CodeUp launches in Brazil!

Last year we decided to make an effort to easily allow anyone in the UK to start their own CodeUp branch. We created a wiki to guide people through the process and help them make a group successful, and thanks to support from Northcoders, we can cover the cost of a Meetup account for each new branch, to ensure volunteers can run sessions without the barrier of associated costs.

Since then, we have seen CodeUp spread to Chester and Keele, with applications also currently being processed from Liverpool, and North Wales, and interest in Birmingham and Leeds.

The most interesting application however was one received from Emylle Chrystinne in Maceió. With the help of Google maps, it was apparent that someone had applied to host a CodeUp branch in Brazil! We reached out to Emylle to explain that CodeUp was a UK based organisation, but that we would love to help her set something up in South America.

Emylle was perfect to help us take CodeUp International. She had experience running coding events for adults, being the organiser of Django Girls in Maceió, and already knew developers who would be happy to help volunteer to mentor. So we started the ball rolling, and in March 2017, CodeUp Maceió was born, and our first international CodeUp session was held at FAN/FGV – Faculdade de Negócios.

We spoke to Emylle after the event, and found out that the first session went really well! CodeUp Maceió and Emylle were featured on Rádio Maceió and on TV Pajuçara in Jornal da Noite and in the program Stay Alert.

They will be continuing hosting CodeUp Maceió every 2 months, with continuing support online and over social media. Emylle is even organising a second CodeUp in União dos Palmares!

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