Free and friendly adult coding tuition

Our passion is learning. as we reach adulthood, attending a learning environment so often comes at a cost. any cost is a barrier. We believe in providing the opportunity for adults to learn how to create great digital experiences; whether that’s writing an app for a smartphone or creating a website for fun.Most importantly, we provide that  opportunity without the barriers; We don’t sell you anything and we won’t charge you anything. We’ll give you a way to learn digital skills in a fun, friendly and inclusive environment.

All we ask is to bring along your enthusiasm a drive to learn something new.

CodeUp was designed to make learning how to code accessible and free to anyone who has the motivation to learn. Our aim was to create the adult version of Code Club, with support and guidance from local volunteer experts. What we have achieved in our first year has been amazing, with over 500 people attending our sessions in 2015, and over 900 in 2016. We have delivered numerous coding workshops, supporting both Django Girls and Rails Girls Manchester, and have been recognised for our work with an award from National Coding Week. We have recently launched our eleventh branch in the UK, and now also run in two cities in Brazil! We can’t wait to see where we go next…

Claire Wicher, CodeUp Founder

CodeUp runs in multiple locations across the UK, and we’re constantly growing and adding more. To find a location near you, have a look at our current branches list here.

We see Regular, packed and enjoyable sessions run in multiple locations. We see people not only learning digital skills, but going on to change their lives based on those new skills. We see engaged and passionate mentors teaching people who’ve never written a line of code putting together an application. We see our students return as mentors to invest in the future of CodeUp.

Our mission is to create an open, friendly and supportive learning environment where any adult can attain new digital skills for zero financial cost.

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