Attendee Spotlight – Amanda Tjernlund

In February 2016, CodeUp Manchester helped Mentor Leona So bring Django Girls to Manchester for the first time. In February 2017, when we returned for the second event, one of the coaches was an attendee from the previous year! Here’s here story:

Django girls was the first coding event I went to after starting to learn code on my own last year. It had a very strong positive impact on me being surrounded by so many enthusiastic, supportive people encouraging me to pursue my coding ambitions. It made a difference that all the other attendees were female too because it took away some of the self-doubt and pressure that usually comes with getting involved in something very male-dominated.

Having had that positive first coding experience in a social setting, I decided to attend more events. I built on my new-found knowledge, made some connections and ended up getting a scholarship for a three-month intensive coding course. After graduating from the course, I landed my first coding job in September – eight months after the Django Girls workshop. Iā€™m currently working at a Manchester-based FinTech company in the role of junior software developer.

I have to say Django Girls is a great initiative and it has clearly made a real difference to my life and my career. I actually came back as a mentor to Django Girls Manchester 2017 and was very happy to, in my turn, support and inspire people.

We’re so proud of everything Amanda has achieved since attending her first event. From there she went on to graduate from the Northcoder bootcamp before securing her first role as a junior developer, and you may just catch her helping to mentor at the next CodeUp Manchester session šŸ™‚

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