Meet CodeUp’s Founder – Claire Dodd

Claire hails from the right side of the Pennines, but moved to Manchester in 2013, and has been immersed in the tech scene ever since. Her first experience of the tech community was when she attended BarCamp Blackpool in 2011, and was subjected to the wonders of this amazing community.

Coming from a non tech background, Claire loved that the BarCamp catered to geeks of all levels of knowledge, and in a sense was all about community & sharing knowledge. Claire’s love of BarCamps continued & she attended multiple BarCamps over the next few years, as well as becoming more involved in Manchester’s tech community.

With BarCamp Blackpool going on hiatus after 2013, there was gap left in the North West tech community. Seeing the need to fill this hole, along with Ian Forrester & Dave Mee, Claire revived BarCamp Manchester, and organised a massively successful 2 day overnight unconference in Spaceport in October 2014 for 160 people.

Claire now continues to organise BarCamp Manchester, successfully running a two day conference for over 200 people in 2015, and now gearing up to an even bigger event in September 2016.

Leaving behind a nine year career in credit control and debt collection, Claire now manages MadLab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, running both the Manchester and Salford sites, and developing and implementing digital skills workshops around Greater Manchester. She also provides training under her own company GirlGeekUpNorth Ltd.

Claire also runs her own blog GirlGeekUpNorth, where she writes about various aspects of her life, including tech events and reviews of various horror and geek attractions she attends. She is also a keen pervasive gamer, playing Werewolf once a month and can occasionally be found playing Ingress, Geocashing or Geohashing on a weekend.

If you would like to contact Claire, please email her on, or follow her on Twitter @GirlGeekUpNorth

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