CodeUp Workshop – Programming 101

CodeUp is designed to provide support and mentoring for adults who want to learn how to code for free. However, we also try to put on taster workshops for our attendees to get some more structured guidance on a particular aspect of coding. While we have previously run a number of ad hoc workshops during our sessions, our first official three part workshop has now been fully developed.

drew morganCodeUp has a lot of amazing mentors, but on in particular has allowed us to bring more content than before. Drew Morgan is a trained teacher, developer, and one of CodeUp’s most dedicated mentors. Over the past three months, Drew has developed his Programming 101 tutorial into a three part workshop, and will be teaching this three times in 2016, starting in January, May, and September.

Programming 101 is designed to be a whistle stop tour of everything programming languages can do. It is a practical session using Python: a language that is beginner-friendly, but still presents enough of a challenge to be interesting – you can think of it a bit like those bumper lanes at the ten-pin bowling alley.

Drew covers the differences between ‘natural language’ and ‘formal language’, and functions common to nearly all programming languages: data types, inputs and outputs, data structures and loops. You’ll also create your first program!

Before attending the workshop you will need to download and install Python 2.7 (not Python 3), which you can get here.

Copies of the slides for all three parts of the workshop are published open source and under a creative commons licence, and can be found here;

Programming 101 – Part 1

Programming 101 – Part 2

Programming 101 – Part 3

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