CodeUp Manchester is supporting Django Girls

This weekend saw Manchester hold its first ever Django Girls Manchester workshop. Held at MadLab, and organised by Leona So and Claire Dodd, 24 women and 10 coaches spent a day working together to help create websites using Python and Django.

Django Girls believe that the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. They want to give women the opportunity to learn how to program.

Whilst workshops are free of charge, places are limited, and in Manchester we had over 60 applications, for just 24 available spots. In addition to high demand, the workshop itself is very intense, with a lot of information crammed into a single day. While this is amazing that we can achieve so much in such a short space of time, the question which we are left with, is “what happens next?”

Working in a place full of women who are in the same situation as you, with an abundances of coaches on hand to help you when you get stuck, is an amazing learning environment to be in, but what do we do when that support and environment goes away? What we don’t want to happen, is for the women who take part in the workshop to go away, continue with the tutorial, get stuck, feel like they have no support, and give up.

Thankfully, it just so happens that one of the Django Girls Manchester organisers, happens to be the founder of CodeUp, and the other organiser, is ready to lead the way…..

As of March 2016, CodeUp Manchester will be home to the Django Girls Manchester support group. Lead by Leona So, and hopefully assisted by some of the Django Girls coaches, each month we will provide space for ANYONE who would like to work on the Django Girls tutorial to do so with the support of mentors and their peers. We hope that the women from this weekend’s workshop will return to continue their learning, and we will also be contacting the 40+ women who did not manage to secure a place on the workshop, to come and participate during CodeUp sessions instead.

The Django Girls workshop is open source and free, and can be completed by anyone, so if you would like to learn how to create a website, please check out the tutorial here, and then join us at the next CodeUp session and let us know how you’re getting on!

CodeUp Manchester is very proud to be able to help Leona offer continuing support for people who want to attempt the Django Girls tutorial, and we’re very excited to see what happens next!

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