Attendee Spotlight – Daaneshwar Singh

Sometimes our attendees come to us with amazing stories about how attending CodeUp has helped them, and here’s Daaneshwar’s story;

How has CodeUp had a positive impact on my life?

Aside from the significant increase in quality of life resulting from the career change, I’ve had the chance to interact with some great people at CodeUp. The organisers and mentors have, through their approachability and fervency of commitment, made it an immutable fixture of my monthly calendar.

How has CodeUp had a positive impact on my career?

After attending a couple of CodeUp meetups I saw that they were organising a series of workshops for National Coding Week, one of which covered Java and offered the chance to view an IDE (Spring), both of which sounded very attractive as I’d been yearning to gain a greater understanding of what development looks like in a commercial setting. A local technology company hosted the workshop, and I got the chance to meet their Head of Development, several Developers and the HR/Talent Acquisition team. Some months passed and I continued furthering my knowledge at CodeUp, until one day I felt I had reached a point where I could now try my hand at applying for junior positions in the tech industry. It just so happened that the company I’d met at National Coding Week were in search of Technical Support Engineers to support their web proposition, something very conducive with my on-going JavaScript studies. As a result I was able to make a warm application to a company who really understood the skills CodeUp had provided. I’ve now been enjoying my time at said company for over 2 months, and am discussing several potential avenues to avail my evolving coding skills in the long term. With Software Development, Web Development, Data Science and DevOps/Infrastructure teams existing in the business, the skills I’ve gained from CodeUp have opened up a plethora of options for my future.

Anything else you would like to say?

Yes – keep doing what you’re doing! Beyond the excellent educational provision the proposition is a beacon for what can be achieved when altruistic minds converge with continuity and consistency. I’m a big believer in educational endeavours that are focused on imparting skills of real world utility, taking people of ability to employ-ability. CodeUp provides exactly that in a venerably accessible, background-agnostic setting. Whilst the vast majority of activities in the technology community are directed towards the development of those already working within the sector, here’s one that’s doing things differently, inspiring and nurturing the future attendees of its contemporaries…

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